Mosky Silver Horse - KLON Centaur "Klone"

Mosky Silver Horse - KLON Centaur "Klone"

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First let's start by describing what a Klon Centaur is. I'm not talking mythical beasts, here, either!

Usually described as a “transparent overdrive,” only around 8000 genuine Klon Centaurs were produced (handmade by the pedal’s creator Bill Finnegan). They garnered an incredible reputation, and combined with their scarcity the prices skyrocketed on the secondhand market (think $1000+). It also spawned a number of clone pedals (sometimes lovingly referred to as “Klones”). 

For those of us more wallet-savvy, Mosky has made both a gold and silver "klone". Personally, I don't like fake gold and also the silver one has a "voice" switch (more treble??).

Featuring gain, treble and output knobs, this pedal works as both a boost and an overdrive, depending what tone you're after. The gain knob introduces a little clipping, the output knob acts as a mostly-clean boost, and the treble knob shelves the high frequencies a little bit.

A bit of a disclaimer - these pedals sound GREAT in conjunction with a tube or tube style amp. I can't say it will sound great on your pedal board - though the guitarist in my punk band has been using it for weeks through my tube amp and is loving it. So it totally depends on your rig. To me, this and the Dumbler are my favourites. They go from a clean boost to gritty overdrives. And through the tubes it grits up nicely. 

I recommend looking at reviews and comparing it to the other distortion and overdrive pedals we sell. This video below shows how crappy it sounds through a non-tube amp (am I biased? No... but this pedal is!) with no other effects through it.