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Rowin Twin Looper pedal

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One of the most flexible looper pedals ever created. With two input channels and two output channels, unlimited layering and 24bit/44.1K sampling, you can create up to 10min of recorded audio per loop, and even upload samples or backing tracks from a PC via USB.

The greatest feature of this pedal is the ability to change the loop(s) playback speed and/or REVERSE the loop. Most pedals don’t give you this ability, and it’s great for home practice – perfecting your timing, making difficult riffs sound easy, or even creating amazing soundscapes that will leave people wondering how you created them.


  • Record and Overdub Using the Footswitch

By clicking the footswitch, the Looper becomes record enabled, as displayed by the red indicator light. Click again and the light turns green to indicate playback mode. Similar steps are repeated for overdubbing, whilst holding down the footswitch will enter the delete mode for erasing unwanted content.

  • Reverse and Variable Playback Speed FX with dedicated Footswitch

The Twin Looper features two additional playback modes, half speed and reverse. With 11 playback speeds to choose from, this pedal has a great scope for creative looping and layering. The FX On/Off switch can also be used as a single tap Playback Stop switch, which means you don't have to "double tap" the left Play/Record switch in this mode.

  • Stereo Input and Output

With stereo input and output, the twin looper can accommodate signal from all stereo pedals and send signal output to two amps or DIs to add a further spatial dimension to looped effects.


  • Zinc alloy shell
  • Unlimited overdubbing
  • WAV file upload
  • DSP: 32bit floating point
  • 24bit/44.1kHz Sampling
  • Maximum record time: 10min
  • USB compatible with Win 7-10, included Micro USB Cable
  • True Bypass 3DPT switches
  • Loop On/Off and FX On/Off stomp switches
  • Independent left and right level controls
  • Playback speed adjust knob
  • Playback direction switch
  • FX or Loop stop mode switch
  • Power Supply: 9V DC (Negative Centre) - (Not Included)
  • Current draw: 90mA
  • Input impedance: 470k Ohms
  • Output impedance: 100k Ohms
  • Input and output connectors: Stereo 1/4" TS Jack
  • Dimensions: L90mm x W116mm x H37mm (incl. switch)
  • Weight: 380g