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Arborea Low Noise 16" Crash Cymbal

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Finally save your bandmates' (and your) ears when jamming! Arborea low noise / mute cymbals - they sound like a cymbal, they just don't deafen you when you hit them. These cymbals can be sold individually, or as a custom combination for less.

The 16" crash cymbals have a great crash sound and easily defy the tone and timbre of even your standard crashes! 

These compare great to the Zildjian L80s (three times the price) and Sabian Low Noise range which are in between Arborea and Zildjian in price. Tone is such a personal thing, do your homework, watch the reviews, and don't waste your money. Buy the most affordable yet nicest tone (and I'm not biased, I wouldn't stock these if I didn't think they were worth their weight in copper/alloy/tin!)

Check out this great Drumtech review of the Arborea mute range compared with the Sabian low noise range - they're super similar in appearance, price and tone, so will help you make an informed decision.