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Rowin Analog Phaser Pedal

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An organic sounding analog phaser pedal in the 300 series from Rowin, this mini pedal is based on the MXR Phase 90, and maybe somewhat like the Mooer Ninety Orange. It is a simple and great sounding pedal, without the extravagant price tag. Phasers are a great pedal for all guitarists into modulation and pitch shift – phasers are used often by Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and even C-3PO (Star Wars) voice was treated with a vintage phaser, which gives it that synthesized sound.


  • Analog circuitry with true bypassPedal

The vital difference between analog and digital circuitry is comparable to pixels in digital images. Viewed from afar, the digital recreation of an analog wave signal may seem smooth, but when you look closely there are tiny discrete steps as the signal tries to approximate values. Analog waves are smooth and continuous, digital waves are stepping, square, and discrete.

  • Warm and full sound

Using pitch modulation, the phaser effect is created by splitting an audio signal into two paths. One path treats the signal with an all-pass filter, which preserves the amplitude of the original signal and alters the phase. The amount of change in phase depends on the frequency. When signals from the two paths are mixed, the frequencies that are out of phase will cancel each other out, creating the characteristic notches. Changing the mix ratio changes the depth of the notches; the deepest notches occur when the mix ratio is 50%.

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  • Zinc alloy shell
  • True bypass 3DPT switches
  • Power supply: centre - 9V DC, not included
  • Current draw: 6mA
  • Input impedance: 490k Ohms
  • Output impedance: 13k Ohms
  • Dimensions: L92mm x W40mm x H32mm (H50mm including switch)
  • Weight: 276g