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Rowin Analog Booster Pedal

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An analog booster pedal in the 300 series from Rowin, the booster is a sturdy mini pedal that achieves what its name suggests without complication – a high headroom signal boost.

Boost pedals can be used to give an overall sound a boost in volume without colouring the tone, or as an extra gain stage before pedals or preamps which might benefit from being sent "hotter" signal than would normally be produced by guitar pickups.


  • Analog circuitry with true bypass

The vital difference between analog and digital circuitry is understood just as we can sometimes see pixels in digital images. Viewed from afar, the digital recreation of an analog wave signal may seem smooth, but when you look closely there are tiny discrete steps as the signal tries to approximate values. Analog waves are smooth and continuous, digital waves are stepping, square, and discrete.

  • Keeping the tone clean..

While the LEF-318 doesn't colour sound on its own, the included Low and High EQ can be used to compensate for tonal changes that may occur due to the higher signal level e.g. an overdrive becoming more bass heavy when the hotter signal causes increased distortion.

  • ..Or colour it!

If you don’t mind colouring the tone, most blues enthusiasts would prefer a tube clone like the Overdrive II, Greenizer, or Plexion. However, if you are running a low Z or low impedance instrument, or running a few pedals too many for the gain to stay loud enough, then this Booster is the way to go. It allows a higher signal to noise ratio without the saturation or tonal colourations gained from the other pedals (which is usually seen as a good thing). 

The pedal is predominantly clean for most settings but setting the gain knob at extreme levels result in a fizzy American Tweed style sounding breakup.



  • Zinc alloy shell
  • True bypass 3DPT switches
  • Power supply: centre - 9V DC, not included
  • Current draw: 13mA
  • Input impedance: 1M Ohms
  • Output impedance: 520 Ohms
  • Dimensions: L92mm x W40mm x H32mm (H50mm including switch)
  • Weight: 210g