Rowin Beat Loop - Looper and Drum Machine
Rowin Beat Loop - Looper and Drum Machine

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Rowin Beat Loop - Looper and Drum Machine

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Looper Pedal with Drum Machine

The Rowin Beat Loop is a full featured looping pedal that incorporates an onboard drum machine. With an intuitive control layout, detailed LCD display, 50 minutes of recording time, 40 drum presets and a robust and reliable dual foot switch pedal chassis, the Beat Loop is a unique loop layering, beat making one pedal machine!

Record and Overdub Using the Footswitch

The best feature of the Rowin Beat Loop is the ease with which recording and overdubbing functions can be completed. By clicking the footswitch, the Looper becomes record enabled, as displayed by the now red backlit display. Click again and the screen turns green to indicate playback mode. Loop playback can be stopped and erased with the dedicated Stop/Clear footswitch. The Beat Loop operates in two modes; asynchronous, where the looper and drum machine switch on and off separately, and synchronous, where the loop and drum machine playback are switched on at the same time.  

Drum Machine

This unique looper includes an onboard drum machine to use as accompaniment or to add another percussive element to an ensemble. The Drum section features 40 unique drum loops, 20 with acoustic or organic drum kit sounds, and 20 with electronic sounds. The beats span a wide range of genres and feels and include drum fill capability.

Optional Additional Drum Control Input

Though all of the pedal's functionality can be utilised via the intuitive controls, the Beat Loop also includes an input for an additional dual footswitch. These switches are used to control the drum machine. The left switch is used to generate a drum "fill" and the right turns the drum machine on and off.

Upload from Windows With USB

The Rowin looper is Windows 10 compatible, allowing the user to store pre-recorded material on the pedal. Using the USB cable provided, the Looper can be connected to the PC or Laptop and WAV files transferred across, thus providing the ability for more complex, layered and professionally produced loops to be created and used in performance. For best results, download the Rowin LooperSuite and Beat Loop software from the Rowin website.



  • Zinc Alloy Shell
  • Unlimited Overdubbing
  • 30 Preset Storage Locations
  • 40 Drum Loops (20 Acoustic Kit, 20 Electronic)
  • Backlit LCD Display
  • USB WAV file upload
  • True Bypass 3DPT Switches
  • Loop Play/Record and Stop/Clear Stomp Switches
  • Dedicated Loop Browse/Level Button/Encoder
  • Dedicated Drum Browse Button/Encoder
  • Optional Control Pedal Input - 1/4" TRS
  • FX or Loop Stop Mode Switch


  • Maximum Record Time: 50 Minutes
  • USB Compatible with Windows 7 - 10
  • Included USB A to Micro USB Cable
  • DSP: 32bit Floating point
  • 24bit/44.1kHz Sampling
  • Power Supply: 9V DC (Negative Centre) - (Not Included)
  • Current Draw: 110mA
  • Input Impedance: 1000k Ohms
  • Output Impedance: 100k Ohms
  • Input: Mono 1/4" TS Jack and 3.5mm Stereo Auxiliary In
  • Output: Stereo 1/4" TS Jack and  3.5mm Stereo Headphone
  • Dimensions: L90mm x W132mm x H40mm (incl. switch)
  • Weight: 385g

Here's a demo, though there are some better videos coming up, showcasing some fresh local talent!

Quote from buyer:
”I have used this product for 8 Weeks and it’s amazing. We play back intros at the band performance, or I use it on my own in solo performances with all these well arranged drum loops as basic. Then I do the normal looper stuff, recording body percussion, bass and guitar with my modified acoustic guitar”.