top pedal guitar effects delay Rowin mini pedal NZ replicant pedals cheap R3 boss ibanez
top pedal guitar effects delay Rowin mini pedal NZ replicant pedals cheap R3 boss ibanez

Rowin Analog Delay Pedal

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An organic sounding analog delay pedal in the 300 series from Rowin, combining the sounds of classic tape / echo delay with modern delay design to produce an extremely versatile sounding delay pedal.


  • Analog circuitry with true bypass

The vital difference between analog and digital circuitry is comparable to pixels in digital images. Viewed from afar, the digital recreation of an analog wave signal may seem smooth, but when you look closely there are tiny discrete steps as the signal tries to approximate values. Analog waves are smooth and continuous, digital waves are stepping, square, and discrete.

  • Easily adjustable parameter dials

The LEF-314 has an adjustable delay time, ranging from 20ms right up to 620ms, useful for a wide range of music styles. The echo control adjusts the length of time the delayed sound will ring out for, while the feedback knobs give control over the intensity of the delayed sound. Being a truly analog delay, with the feedback right up, the LEF-314 is capable of producing a positive feedback loop, which makes a great sound, especially in tandem with a volume pedal and Holy War distortion pedal.

  • BBD chip – clone of the classic Ibanez AD9 Analog Delay

The MN3205 chips used in the LEF-314 are based on “Bucket Brigade Devices” – or BBDs for short. The capacitors within the circuit work like firemen passing along buckets of water, hence the name! Geek out on more BBD chip info here.



  • Zinc alloy shell
  • True bypass 3DPT switches
  • Power supply: centre - 9V DC, not included
  • Current draw: 42mA
  • Input impedance: 1k Ohms
  • Output impedance: 470k Ohms
  • Dimensions: L92mm x W40mm x H32mm (H50mm including switch)
  • Weight: 210g