Three-way pedalboard

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Prices will differ depending on what pedals you want to match. The digital pedals are all $75, apart from Loopers which start from $79 for the mini looper, $129 for the twin looper, or $149 for a Beat Looper.

Best combos:

  1. Overdrive II (ts9 clone)
  2. Delay
  3. Looper 

A great combo for solos, you can record riffs on clean then stomp some delay for some depth, then add the ODII for that nice warm tone to solo over your tracks. $210 including pedalboard and power.

  1. Chorus
  2. Reverb
  3. Delay

For backing or rhythm electric guitars, acoustic guitars or bass, ukelele or mandolin. Especially if you enjoy ambience or Shoegaze! Great if you already own a looper or you don't use them. $240 including pedal board and power.

  1. Analog pedal: Distortion II, chorus, flanger, phaser, delay
  2. Digi pedal: octpus, roto engine, reverb
  3. Beatloop

For $320, this is more value for money for a DIY or solo musician. You can set beats with fills for the drums, then stomp your clean tones into the looper - add some distortion for some crunch or searing solos. Note the Beatloop can't fit on the pedalboard!